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  • Thankful for you!

    Nov 28th 2019

    Thankful for you!

    Whether it’s turkey and dressing, sweet potatoes and mac ‘n cheese, or pumpkin pie and football – or…

    Published by Brian Jeansonne

  • Dealer's Choice

    Nov 20th 2019

    Dealer's Choice

    When playing cards, I am rarely a fan of sitting at a table where it’s dealer’s choice…that is of…

    Published by Brian Jeansonne

  • Rising From the Ashes

    Apr 23rd 2019

    Rising From the Ashes

    Confucius once said “…our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall…

    Published by Brian Jeansonne

  • Skully

    Mar 30th 2019


    Skulls have been used by cultures for centuries to mean different things. For some, the skull repres…

    Published by Brian Jeansonne

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