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Til Ya Die® is not just a brand or a name but a state of being. Shortly after Hurricane Katrina tore through the city of New Orleans in 2005, New Orleanians found themselves trying to put the pieces of life back together. During this time, the true spirit of New Orleans shined through as the community came together to rebuild and restore what had been threatened. Among those working to rebuild was Til Ya Die founder Kathleen “Kassy” McCall. On one of many flights during that time, Kathleen turned a doodle on an airplane napkin into the brand’s increasingly iconic signature skull--the symbolic essence of resilient devotion embodied in the motto NOLA Til Ya Die®.
The concept made a grassroots-style debut at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (JazzFest), where it resonated strongly with locals and visitors alike. Kathleen then successfully launched an apparel and accessories line whose success quickly popularized the unique brand and its playfully defiant style. The company suffered a near-fatal blow in April 2018, when a massive warehouse fire completely consumed the NOLA Til Ya Die flagship store and the company’s entire inventory.
Thanks to the support of a worldwide community, Til Ya Die® rebounded and is relaunching its collections. A steady stream of customer requests for pre-fire inventory drives the continuing restock of popular tees, hoodies, hats, and more. In addition, the line offers new apparel and lifestyle accessories, plus more options for custom merchandise. Our logo now signals undying passions for local neighborhoods, favorite festivals, social causes and more in New Orleans and beyond—check out our Til Ya Die geomap.
Til Ya Die proclaims the power of personal passion. Passion fueled the rebuilding of New Orleans, and it inspires us all to create a better and brighter world. Til Ya Die reconnects us with the pursuit of passion, with the times, places, and activities that bring us real, life-sustaining joy. Wherever you go,
on clothing, drinkware, stickers and much more, our logo is an open invitation to, "Declare what you love™" Til Ya Die.

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