Our Skull

Skulls have been used by cultures for centuries to mean different things. For some, the skull represents fearlessness, for others it is a symbol of eternal wisdom, and still for others the skull stands for those who are equal and united by the same passion regardless of race, gender, age, religion, or social status.


Keeping in line with the spirit of equality and unity, the Til Ya Die® skull grew out of a doodle on a napkin. It was initially intended as cheeky comic relief for weary New Orleanians who were living in and rebuilding the city post-Katrina, but it quickly morphed into a true symbol of unity, resolve, and community.


The skull's hurricane eyes mark the start of a new timeline in the city's history. An upside-down heart serves as its nose, breathing life into the Big Easy’s vibrant soul and its citizens' unending love. The skeleton head recalls New Orleans' spirited history, and through its toothy grin runs the crescent of the Mississippi River.


Since its debut in New Orleans in 2006, the Til Ya Die skull has organically grown from an icon of New Orleans pride into an emblem for personal passions everywhere. Til Ya Die proclaims a lust for life and the desire for a better and brighter world wherever you smile at a time.


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