Our Fire

After years of building NOLA Til Ya Die® at the French Market, local, and national festivals, we proudly opened our first New Orleans store and warehouse in 2015 along Bayou St John. Just as we hit our stride, however, it was lost in a flash. Well, more like a long, tortuous, never-ending flame.


On the morning of April 23, 2018, a catastrophic fire broke out in the business next door and the fire burned until everything was destroyed. Yes, 100% of everything. Decades worth of intellectual and physical property...gone. And, little did we know that many people had no idea becase local media was banned due to a federal investigation.


But resilience is in our very name. NOLA Til Ya Die started as a response to Hurricane Katrina, and that same spirit drove us to get up and keep going after the fire. Loyal customers and friends from around the globe buoyed us daily with donations, orders, emails, and calls.


Personal passion and long, hard work got us back on our feet and today, Til Ya Die® is relaunched, thriving, and growing. But, really, it is all thanks to you Til Ya Diehards. We wouldn't be here without you!

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