We miss our community.

We miss our community.

Published by Kathleen A McCall on Jun 19th 2020

Over the last several weeks, we have missed our shop more than ever. It had become a neighborhood hangout for many people...of all shapes, sizes, professions, preferences, and colors.

But, more importantly, it was a comfortable place for us to talk with each other despite some vastly differing viewpoints. We listened and learned...and sometimes people were reminded (or taught) that to be within our walls you had to respect the people who were not like you.

I miss the diversity, warmth, and liveliness of our shop on Toulouse in Mid City. We always had an assortment of colorful people, literally and figuratively. We never knew who or what was walking through the door and the conversations were equally as random and unpredictable.

I have many tales I could tell regarding our #BLM discussions...some of which might make your jaw good and bad ways. But, as one of my black friends recently said to me, "If someone is asking you about this, they don't know you and Nola Til Ya Die at all."

We are all equal.

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