Dealer's Choice

Dealer's Choice

Published by Brian Jeansonne on Nov 20th 2019

When playing cards, I am rarely a fan of sitting at a table where it’s dealer’s choice…that is of course until I’m the dealer and it’s my choice. That, obviously, is because I know what I love and I know what I want.

Our NOLA Til Ya Die store provided such a wonderful place for us to connect with one another, browse all of the great merchandise and find our favorite items. We know how great that feeling is when you go into the store, hoping for that one item to be in stock and then you find it in your size! And as much as we would love to open another brick and mortar store with everything restocked, it simply is not feasible right now.

So, in lieu of having a brick and mortar, we are running our own version of dealer’s choice! You know what you love. You know what you want. So, if you want it, we’ll run it. Whether you want us to resurrect something or run an out-of-stock favorite, let us know!

You can text us, DM us, call us, or email us. We would love to hear from you!

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