​All Good Things Must Come To An End

​All Good Things Must Come To An End

Published by Brian Jeansonne on Mar 5th 2019

We live in a society that (for the most part) values what has gone before. Head down to your local sports arena and look to the rafters and you will see the numbers of the greats hanging high above the crowd guarding their place in history. No other person will ever wear the #23 for the Chicago Bulls. No one will ever wear the #18 for the Indianapolis Colts, #4 for the Green Bay Packers or #34 for the Boston Red Sox. And one day in the not to distant future, no one will ever wear the #9 again for the New Orleans (we got robbed) Saints.

Retiring something, whether it’s a sports figure’s number or your favorite t-shirt is a way to look back on and remember fondly what was and we believe the time has come for us to do just that with our original NOLA Til Ya Die Mardi Gras Jester Flag!

On that cool April day back in 2018, as we watched our store go up in flames the New Orleans spirit seemed to stay strong and alive in the midst of the heat and pain and anger and tears as our flag continued to wave as the building around it melted away. In many ways, it felt like a proclamation of the city itself: We are here and we are not going away! And the truth is, that’s who we are as New Orleanians and that’s who we are at Til Ya Die! You can flood us, you can burn us, you can knock us down and toss us around, but you can’t get rid of us!

As the incredible, fearless New Orleans Fire Department continued to battle the relentless flames that day, a handful of firefighters raised their ladders and were able to remove our flag from the building. Minutes later they huddled around founder and owner Kathleen McCall to present her with the unscathed flag. A symbol of resiliency, this flag had been through the worst of it and walked out the other side. So, today, with great joy and fond memories to match, we are retiring our original Mardi Gras flag.

And though there will never be another Michael Jordan or Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, David Ortiz or Drew Brees or your favorite t-shirt – beauty always finds a way to rise up and newness comes to life. As long as the human spirit continues to soar, we will always stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us and build on their strengths and legacy. With that being said, we are happy to introduce our King and Krewe Mardi Gras Flags – a new symbol of joy, perseverance, beauty, fun and soul.

Til Ya Die! Laisses le bon temps rouler!

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