A Little Bit of Luck

A Little Bit of Luck

Published by Brian Jeansonne on Mar 12th 2019

Mardi Gras may be over, but St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and this is good news because it means that the party doesn’t really have to end! Different cultures have their own traditions when it comes to celebrating St. Paddy’s day. For our friends in New York, Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated with a grand parade in Manhattan that consists of over 200,000 marchers. The great city of Chicago dyes the Chicago River green for the occasion. And in Dublin, there is plenty of dancing and Guinness to go around for all in celebration of St. Patrick.

Regardless of where you choose to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, there are two things we all share in common. We all wear green and we all attend our local parades with a sack in hand. Okay, well, maybe not. It turns out that attending your local parade with a heavy sack in hand is something New Orleanians are more inclined to do because in New Orleans, not only are we allowed to bring alcohol to our Saint Paddy’s parade (apparently, no one is allowed to bring alcohol to the parade in Manhattan), but we can catch our dinner at the parade too!

History has it that during the great potato famine of 1845 in Ireland, the Irish replaced their staple meal of potatoes with cabbage. Once in North America, Irish immigrants ate Corn Beef and Cabbage as one of their go-to meals. In classic New Orleans fashion, for Saint Patrick’s Day, we parade through town with marching bands and floats full of riders throwing not only trinkets and beads, but also cabbages, potatoes, onions, carrots and other delicious edibles. For New Orleanians, you can literally enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day parade and make groceries all at the same time!

So, make sure for Saint Patrick’s Day this year you have your sack* so that - with a little bit of luck - you can catch your dinner and make sure you have your green with some of our great Til Ya Die shirts and accessories!

*Til Ya Die does not sell sacks

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