Til Ya Die planted its first boot in the ground in New Orleans, LA (NOLA) in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Not much was left of the city renowned for its flamboyance and flair but many of us fought long and hard to remain positive and hopeful for better days to come. Kathleen McCall came up with the "idea" while flying back and forth between New Orleans and the Northeast. A mere doodle on an airplane napkin became a symbol of passion for the city so many love -- New Orleans 'til death do us part -- NOLA Til Ya Die.

The skull she drew was a promise to the city and its people that she would hold course and fight to keep the spirit of New Orleans alive. Our signature skull incorporates the hurricane eyes, representing the resilience of New Orleans in the wake of devastating storms; the heart in the nose for the eternal love of the city and its vibrancy; and the river running through the grin, the crescent shape that defines NOLA so poignantly.


Over the last decade, Til Ya Die has evolved into more than a brand, it has become a movement. Our audience? Everyone that is passionate about something. Maybe you’re passionate about baseball, or maybe you love to surf. Perhaps you live and breathe music or find your peace in the yoga studio. There is no limit to Til Ya Die and we are excited to share it with the world.

In an era where we all have our reasons to hang our heads from time to time, where we all struggle to find peace among the chaos, Til Ya Die is here to remind us of those other moments. Those other moments come when we immerse ourselves in something that makes us feel pure happiness. Our mission is to remind the world to live for happy moments, the ones when you surround yourself with a feeling you’ll never let go… Til Ya Die.

Serve Til Ya Die 

The foundation of Til Ya Die was built on the backs of the strongest of people. The respect and penance we owe to them is seen in our commitment to building up those around us. Strong communities foster healthy businesses. A relationship that serves both sides equally and fortifies the bond between Til Ya Die and the cities we’ve come to love. 

Our company’s passion revolves around serving these communities. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy (2012) and the Great Flood of Louisiana (2016), our 10-55 volunteer team provided disaster recovery assistance for first responders in Breezy Point, NY and Baton Rouge, LA, respectively.

In our day to day operations, we offer support, through event hosting, planning, and consulting to organizations including, RESTORE the Mississippi River Delta, Save Our Cemeteries, Son of a Saint, The Literacy Alliance of Greater New Orleans, Young Leadership Council, New Orleans 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, and many more.

3536 Toulouse St on Bayou St. John in Mid City.
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